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Manjeesh TG

Manjeesh leads the Global Operations Practice and leads the Operations Practice in India.

He has potential to work on multiple sectors on long-term strategy, operational effectiveness, business building, and organization. In his experience he provided a strategic solutions for multiple operation issues.

Manjeesh has a modulation perspective, on the operational challenges faced by companies that IT Operation service, and Real estate. As an advisor to manufacturing, Retail and suppliers, he directs transformation programs that result in lasting change. Construction equipment and industrial companies can equally benefited from his advices, which he is experienced and help clients in product development, supply chain operations, and service operations to help increase performance. Other than operations, he also advise Marketing, Strategy and Sales force development, which helps clients to expand their footprint in the emerging market.

  • Service Operations
  • Operations
  • Hospitality
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Electric power
  • Technology
  • MBA - International Business and Marketing, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
  • BBM - Business Management, Kuvempu University, India